Left to right: Lisa Howell, physical therapist assistant; Amy Manring; and Shirley LaShomb, rehab aide

Amy Manring has had two knee replacement surgeries, and both times, she chose to do her rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Greeneville, Tennessee.


Manring did her therapy for the first, left, knee replacement, from November 2018 to January 2019, and her therapy for the second, right, knee replacement, from February 2019 to April 2019.


On this most recent stay, Manring needed total assistance with gait, standing and bathing when she arrived, as well as extensive assistance with grooming, getting dressed, bed mobility and transfers from one surface to another.


The physical and occupational therapy teams worked with the 52-year-old to restore her independence. PTs focused on restoring her range of motion, balance and mobility, while OTs centered their attention on helping her relearn how to take care of herself.


Manring was able to successfully return home independently.


“First, I want to thank God for everything during my journey,” Manring said. “My experience at Life Care has been great, and I couldn’t ask for better therapists. They have been wonderful, and the certified nursing assistants and nurses were terrific as well.”