Left to right: Lori Williams, physical therapist assistant; Elston Candileri; and Carly Lee, occupational therapist

Elston Candileri suffered a wound on his leg that necessitated a below-the-knee amputation.


Losing a limb is not an easy transition and requires a lot of physical and emotional support. The team at Life Care Center of Greeneville, Tennessee, was right beside Candileri during this process.


Candileri came to the center on April 22, 2019. He needed total assistance with bathing and getting dressed when he arrived, as well as extensive assistance with getting in and out of bed, wheelchair mobility and standing balance. He also had some difficulty with sitting balance, grooming and swallowing.


At first, Candileri was too sick with an infection to participate in therapy, but the nursing team helped him recover from that. Then, he started physical, occupational and speech therapies. PT and OT worked with him to regain strength, balance and mobility, while ST helped him relearn how to swallow.


“He improved so dramatically that he was able to progress to a prosthetic fitting and perform high-level activities of daily living well enough that he could discharge home safely with his wife,” said Beverly Painter, business development director.


Candileri returned home on June 4. He is now able to take care of himself independently again, swallow normally and get around with some supervision.


“If you want to be rehabilitated with a great therapy team, this is the place to come and get strong and ready to go home,” said Candileri. “This team knows what they are doing to get you where you need to be.”