Left to right: Karen Greer, occupational therapist assistant; Joyce Shults; Susan Greineder, speech therapist; and Eric Shugart, occupational therapist

After being treated for pneumonia at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, Joyce Shults came to Life Care Center of Greeneville, Tennessee, for rehabilitation to complete her recovery.


Shults arrived on March 21, 2018, very weak and unable to walk. She needed maximum assistance to get in and out of bed and stand up, as well as with many of her daily activities, including bathing, getting dressed and managing her medications. She needed some help with grooming and bed mobility and had some difficulty swallowing and speech.


Physical therapists used therapeutic exercises and dynamic balance training to improve Shults’ strength and ability to perform functional mobility, as well as decrease her fall risk.


Occupational therapists used activities of daily living training techniques to maximize her ability to safely care for herself.


Speech therapists also assisted Shults with swallowing exercises and communication interventions.


“She came to us with the goal of returning home and never lost focus,” said Eric Shugart, occupational therapist. “Joyce is very excited at the progress she has made and is very thankful for the therapy she received.”


Shults returned home on June 28 with home health. She is now independent in her bed mobility, transfers, sitting balance, grooming and dressing and only requires supervision for walking, standing and bathing. She is able to eat and drink normally again and uses a voice amplifier to communicate better.